Journey toward

a meaningful life


As your life coach

I help you clarify your thoughts and create weekly action plans to achieve your personal growth goals.

Real transformations


"Christine and I worked together to unravel the passion, joy, and motivation that was hiding within."

Mandy L.


"She has helped me shift my mindset, bring positive energy to my relationships, but most of all, accept and love myself!"

Chris A.


"She kept me accountable for the small goals that I created for myself and walked with me every step of the way."

Kathleen T.

Podcasts for inspiration

Hear stories of how my guests and I overcame self doubt and grew into our true purpose. 

Most recent blog posts

  • Blog: How to Be Happy Now

    How do you go from feeling hopeless and wishing for the IT thing to happen in order to start feeling happy, to feeling free and abundant now?
  • Blog: How to Build True Confidence

    When you get to know yourself and why you are worthy just as you are, you are building true confidence.
  • Blog: Social Media + Self Worth

    With social media, I realized it triggers a deep and old insecurity of mine. I feel like it's a constant test of my self worth and value. And the need to catch up with everyone else

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