My journey

Hi! I’m Christine and I help people find clarity and meaning through life coaching.

Everything I’ve been through has made me the person I’m meant to be — the person who helps you realize how powerful, valuable, and needed your voice is to create change in the world.

In the beginning, I doubted myself.

I dreamt of more. I felt behind in life. I pushed myself emotionally, mentally, and physically. And it resulted in a deep depression for several years.

Then suddenly, everything clicked

I found all the answers already within me. Now, I am literally bursting with excitement, drive, and all the limitless possibilities! It only took me two months to start my own life coaching business and podcast!

It is your time to rise

You may feel intimidated or that your dreams are too big — and that’s where my life coaching comes in. I’ve been there and know the tools to help you succeed.

Learn about life coaching

Realize and pursue your best life with me as your life coach.​

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More about Christine

Having a huge heart for the Asian-American community and young adults, Christine Chen strives to encourage and empower by living by example to find one’s calling in life and live it authentically.

Christine is a life coach, current grad school student (counseling psychology), content creator, film producer, events director, and lover of all things cute and cozy. She started producing at Wong Fu Productions, where she discovered her love for creating content that connects with people on a deeper level.

From being behind the scenes to an on-camera personality, Christine has created, produced, and starred in her own shows such as “Xoxo Christine” (a mini talk and craft web series), “The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast, and now Xoxo Christine Podcast.” Her joy of having candid conversations about life, insecurities, and transformations led her to become a full-time life coach to anyone who wants to transcend their life to the next level.

Christine hopes to continue to build bridges and platforms where people everywhere can openly discuss and express issues that we face in our daily lives.

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