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Life Coaching


The Not-So-Big Secret to My Beautiful Breakthrough & Transformation

Influencer Life Coaching – What is that?

The word influencer to me encompasses everyone who has any kind of relation with anyone else. Whether your business is based off of being an influencer with millions of followers or you have a close knit group of friends, you’re an influencer! Your energy, attitude, and opinions greatly affect the people around you. Then their energy affects the people around them which goes on and on. The ripple effect is real!

I have over 10 years experience working with influencers of all kinds. I understand the struggles, self doubts, procrastination, demotivation, and loss of direction that you experience.

I work with clients whose goals are to create and leave an impact on their community and thus the world. I help clarify that purpose, how you’ll live it, and build a plan to make that a sustainable mindset so you can uplift yourself and the people around you! If it’s not you living this purpose to change the world, then who?! It’s meant for you to discover!

So how does life coaching work?

Great question! Life coaching is all about a partnership, between you and I. I’m here to help clarify first what are your core intentions are for these goals. We work together to form an action plan to get what you want week to week by breaking goals into bite sized achievable steps. So there’s always progress! Sometimes it takes sifting through the noise of self criticism, doubt, and other people’s voices to get to the heart of what your truth is. Often times, those are the mental and emotional aspects of what is holding you back right now.

My coaching style is very much between a sister and a life coach. I work really hard to establish a safe space for you to feel heard, comfortable, and validated so that you can be completely honest and vulnerable. I genuinely care so deeply about each of my clients! My goal is always to help you move forward, with confidence, by making the decisions that serve YOU! How can we get your best self to come through so you can thrive vs. just survive? And as a life coach, I’m here to help you stay accountable to what you say you’ll do and keep that motivation running high!

My greatest dream is seeing you walk away feeling empowered, confident in who you are, what you’re meant to do in life, and truly believing you are an unstoppable force!

Show me the most damaged

parts of your soul

and I will show you how​

it still shines like gold.


Show me the most damaged parts of your soul

and I will show you how

it still shines like gold.

– nikita gill

Life-Coaching Programs

I offer one on one life coaching sessions in 3, 6, or 9 month packages!
Group coaching is a new program I’m hosting for those who are more budget conscious
but would still love to breakthrough and connect!


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We’ll jump on a complimentary call so I can answer any questions you may have about life coaching. We’ll dive in deeper about the topics you’d want life coaching around and see if life coaching is for you!



Once we have confirmed how we will be working together, we’ll start our 1 hour sessions. Get ready for some great intimate conversations! It’s all about you! At the end of each session, we’ll come up with action plans with clear steps and strategies for you to work on that will take you closer to what you envision for your life.

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Kind Words

Life since knowing Christine has been hard… only hard because she encourages you to be more than you could ever dream you could be.  Hard because she challenges you to ask yourself the difficult questions to help you discover what you believe. Hard because she strengthens you to love and accept yourself especially when you’re still figuring out who that is.  And most importantly, hard because she doesn’t watch Friends (although there’s no one who understands and demonstrates its definition more than her).  None of the personal growth that I’ve had the joy of experiencing since meeting Christine has been easy. However, Christine has always been my rock: her friendship is solid to rely on and strong to lean on when things get tough.  So whenever I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I know it’s a great place to be because I have Christine.

Ashley Matsunami
Digital Asset Coordinator at Marvel Entertainment​

Christine is not only a ray of sunshine but knows how to elicit the lighter parts of yourself as well. As someone who is deeply connected to joy, humility, and positivity, she is an effective and loving guide to helping you live your best life. I have been inspired, motivated and encouraged by her endlessly.

Anna Akana
Actress, Comedian, Filmmaker

Christine Chen has been nothing but a beaming light of love and support since I met her 5 years ago. She’s provided a wealth of knowledge and encouragement and I’m thankful for the friendship and sisterhood we’ve been able to maintain. I can always count on Christine as a part of my support team, always lifting me up towards becoming the best version of myself.

Jillian Barayang
Digital Asset Coordinator at Marvel Entertainment

I’ve known Christine throughout most of my twenties and during this crucial time of self-discovery & growing up in Los Angeles, she challenged me with tough questions that made me reflect and look deep inside my heart, moral fibers & intentions in everything I do. She’s one of the best people I know who can help me sort through my thought process, organize my feelings & turn them into use in positive ways. She’s helped shape me not just in my career, but who I am as a person. And I’m happy who that person turned out to be.

John Paul Fukumae
Director, Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures

Christine has always been very warm and excited to hear about my stories and my passions without any judgment and made me feel like I could trust her and go to her for guidance. She was extremely helpful when I was deciding which career path I should be taking. It was between two decisions that were very different but both had their benefits—one was a corporate job and the other was a job filled with passion, but at a small company without normal corporate benefits.

As a woman in her mid 20’s, it was a difficult decision to make—especially since I had wanted to make the ‘right’ decision. Instead of giving me the pros and cons or asking generic questions, Christine asked me a lot of questions that helped guide me to see what I truly wanted. She reminded me there is never a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer because, in the future, a lot can change with circumstance. What matters is what sparks joy and excitement for me. I felt like she genuinely cared about what I wanted and never imposed her own opinions on me. It was all love and guidance and it was the best thing I could ask for.

Michelle Hsieh
Editor, Filmmaker

In my two years of knowing Christine, I can’t even begin to thank her enough for the support, guidance and love she has shown me. She has been an amazing mentor and older sister figure for me, and has helped me to grow both in my career as well as a person. Christine has motivated me, and and supported me on each step of my journey since meeting her. I can honestly say, I would not have made it this far without her, and i’ll forever be grateful for her.

Christine’s work ethic is amazing. She has a very infectious energy that makes her easy to get along and work with. Her work ethic motivates me to work harder, and has been a trait that i’ve developed personally because of her.

One of the biggest things Christine has helped me with is self confidence and opening up. She always knows the right questions to ask, and has always had the answers. Every chance I get to talk to Christine, I always leave feeling inspired and motivated to take on life.

The biggest benefit of working with her is her passion. Christine loves to help people, and her passion for the community and her friends are unmatched by anyone.

Reed Hedani

It is great to have someone who supports and inspires as much as Christine does. She truly is amazing. She’s passionate and believes in her work. Christine is loving, caring, and truly empathizes with others. Creative and loves pastel colors.

Andrew Moon

Christine exudes a level of care and consideration for our success & well-being that I had never felt from anyone else. Over all these years I believe that this genuine and passionate personality is as strong as ever in her. When Christine is in your corner she will be your biggest fan.

Philip Wang
Filmmaker, Writer, Director at Wong Fu Productions

When I met Christine I was a lost little undergraduate student who just realized I didn’t want a career in the degree I had invested 4 years into. I was scared to jump from one life direction to another.

Talking with Christine about her past work experiences in corporate and new media helped me see that if a path ends up not being for me, it’s not failing. Instead, I just refined my direction because I’m closer to what I want to be doing.

I really embraced that mindset in my early post-grad years as I hopped from internship to internship and took up new hobbies like hand lettering. I would say things like “one day I want to sell my lettering,” and a couple months later Christine connected me with an opportunity to do so. And when I almost gave into feelings of imposter syndrome, she gave me the extra push that I need to take my new direction seriously.

Friends are there to support you in whatever you choose to do, but mentors are there to keep you accountable and help you realize your next steps toward your goals. To me, Christine is both. She’s always honest with me, and keeps me honest with myself–something I find extremely rare and truly appreciate.

Jennifer Chan
Online Marketing Associate at Disney Publishing Worldwide

Christine is, by far, one of my most cherished people in my life. I have trouble talking on a genuine level to many people but I feel at ease with her. There is a down-to-earthness about her and yet at the same time has a strong and bold personality that cannot be fabricated. She cares for people in the way she cares for her family. My life and personality have positively changed from knowing her.

She is one of the most resilient and relentless forces I know. When Christine has a passion for something, a fire burns in her so bright and inspiring that she warms those around her. She is no stranger to determination and confidently goes forward with her responsibilities.  

If a person had the privilege of working for Christine, he or she should understand that they are being held in the utmost care and consideration. Christine has a certain empathy for other people that I cannot find in anyone else.

I am currently an assistant editor for a startup film company because of the connections I made while getting to know Christine. When we were not in each other’s physical company, Christine always thought of me and ways to help achieve my goals in any way she could. I can now proudly say I get paid to do what I love.

She is a giant ball of sunshine, energy, and joy! A literal sun. If you stare too long, you will go blind from her genuinely upbeat nature. She is a person of honesty and loyalty and there should be more people in the world like her. If that were the case, she would be everyone’s best friend.

Langdon Sean Van
Assistant Editor

What I admire most in Christine is her genuine compassion and investment in people. I think it all starts with listening. No matter what, Christine always listens to understand; not simply to respond. She is constantly striving to help others understand themselves with new perspectives. That, combined with her positivity and open-mindedness, makes her one of my most trusted people in my life.

Without a doubt, Christine is one of the most driven people I know. For some, drive may equate to a certain end goal and how fast it can be achieved. But there’s more to it than that. Christine is someone who embraces everyone’s unique journey and process– including her own. This outlook passionately comes through in everything she takes on.

All in all, Christine’s passion and gift is where it matters most– with people.

Wesley Chan
Filmmaker, Writer, Director at Wong Fu Productions

It’s easy to be a good person when times are bright, but Christine is the person that I know will bring her extra light and sit with me when life does take its inevitable turn for darker times. For myself personally, she’s been that shameless cheerleader when I was coasting — and without missing a beat! — that person who poured all her strength into the empowering walls of texts during my breakdowns. Importantly, she doesn’t subscribe to traditional ideas of success and has always been genuinely curious about what makes people buzz so she can support exactly that.  It will be a privilege for those who do get to cross paths with her and experience her dedication to her natural talent for uplifting others.

Jennet Liaw

Christine has really helped me get through tough times – possessing a sense of empathy that’s allowed her to really help me figure out the deep answers to my life. Anyone would be lucky to have a Christine in their life and hopefully, if you’re lucky, you can have THIS Christine to help you like she’s helped me.  

Dan Matthews
Artist, New Media Producer

Christine’s depth, intelligence, loyalty, compassion, and commitment to growth are inspiring. She strives to connect with others on a deeper level to help find a point of synergy and to find a way to genuinely help one another. Her life purpose is to help facilitate growth to live our truest selves. I think whoever crosses Christine’s path is lucky to find both a friend and advocate for acceptance, love, and true self-development

Minji Chang
Actress, Entrepreneur, Community Activist

One of the things that I admired about Christine was when we had hard deadlines on the episode releases and Christine was by my side, literally staying up late with me while I edited. She didn’t have to be there but she chose to because it would speed up the process. When you have someone who will go into the trenches with you, you know you are working with a great leader.

Overall, Christine is awesome to work with. She takes time to understand the struggles and helps to find a collaborative solution. Christine is very caring and shows appreciation in many ways. She always keeps an open dialogue so that there is no miscommunication. She is not all work though, she likes to have fun and connect with people. She can be very silly and it’s always great to hear her laugh.

Whoever gets the opportunity to work with her, they will not only work with a devoted hard worker but they will gain great knowledge in topics you never knew you wanted to know. I’ve gained so much insight on many topics and learned a lot of life lessons to help me in my life.

Rommel Andaya
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor

In the time that I’ve known Christine, I’ve come to realize that she is someone that is definitely one of a kind. Christine has a gift of encouraging anyone that she comes in contact with. You can tell that she wants to uplift communities and make the world a better place. I’ve seen Christine in various leadership roles and she never fails to facilitate an open, safe space where people can get to know one another on a deeper level—which as we all know, is very difficult the older we get. She can connect with anyone and finds a way to make you feel inspired and supported by the end of one hang out. Her positivity is infectious! I’m so thankful to know Christine personally because I know I have someone in my life who supports me and wants the best for me and others around her.

Elizabeth Yun

Besides encouraging creativity, Christine has been a model of self-empowerment and treating myself with kindness that I still follow today. Her Perfectly Imperfect podcast, along with her former work as a producer and event planner, is a testament to how committed she is to bringing out the best in those around those her and even those she has yet to meet. I always appreciate how she continues to express her support and belief in potential, even when we think we are not worthy of it. I came to her with a script idea and she was so generous with her time, helping me believe in my own potential while also coming up with next steps that ensured success. She is an incredible confidante and source of support that is valuable to anyone in any field.

Pernell Quilon
Writer, Actor

Christine is one of the most focused, authentic and understanding people I know. She is deeply committed to understanding how people can develop their awareness, connect to their energy and show up in life in their most powerful way. Her coaching is extremely effective because she understands how to help someone reflect and look deep inside themselves and find answers to their hardest questions. This is exactly what she has done for me.  I am privileged to know and connect with someone who is truly living at a higher level of life.

Samuel Gbadebo
Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

Designed by Jennifer Chan  |  Updated February 2019

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