For those who

feel stuck or lost in life

Find peace in times of uncertainty

With life coaching, I guide you to shift your mindset, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and plan for the life you want.

What you'll discover

How to practice self-love and self-forgiveness

Better relationships with your partners, friends, and family

A new sense of purpose and meaning in life

Freedom from feeling stuck, trapped, or lost

You are not alone

I’m by your side for every step in your journey toward discovering your true life purpose.

I work to establish a space for you to feel heard, comfortable, and validated — so you can be honest and vulnerable.​

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Kind Words

"Christine strengthens you to love and accept yourself especially when you’re still figuring out who that is."
Ashley Matsunami
Digital Asset Coordinator at Marvel Entertainment
"I can always count on Christine as a part of my support team, always lifting me up towards becoming the best version of myself."
Jillian Barayang​
Digital Asset Coordinator at Marvel Entertainment
"Christine has always been very warm and excited to hear about my stories and my passions without any judgment."
Michelle Hsieh​
Editor, Filmmaker​
"I have soared to heights of self-love and fulfillment that I never knew that I could reach. All because she believed in me and taught me to trust myself. I can guarantee that through her life-coaching program, you will gain a sister and friend."
Kylie L.
"Christine always thought of me and ways to help achieve my goals in any way she could. I can now proudly say I get paid to do what I love."
Langdon Sean Van​
Assistant Editor​
"Her sense of empathy allows her to really help me figure out the deep answers to my life."
Dan Matthews
Artist, New Media Producer​
"Her coaching is extremely effective because she understands how to help someone reflect and look deep inside themselves and find answers to their hardest questions. "
Samuel Gbadebo​
Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker​
"One of the biggest things Christine has helped me with is self confidence and opening up. She always knows the right questions to ask."
Reed Hedani​​
"Christine has been a model of self-empowerment and treating myself with kindness that I still follow today."
Pernell Quilon​
Writer, Actor​
"She helped dissect my thoughts, past traumas, and triggers, while teaching me how to shift my mindset. She's like the big sister that I always wish I had! "
Mandy L.
"She challenged me with tough questions that made me reflect and look deep inside my heart and intentions in everything I do."
John Paul Fukumae​
Director, Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures​
"Christine exudes a level of care and consideration for our success and well-being that I had never felt from anyone else."
Philip Wang
Filmmaker, Writer, Director at Wong Fu Productions​
"Talking with Christine gave me the support and guidance I needed to be a better sister, daughter, wife, and manager. It was one of the best decisions I made in 2019! "
Danielle W.
"Christine is the person that I know will bring her extra light and sit with me when life does take its inevitable turn for darker times."
Jennet Liaw​
"She wants to uplift communities and make the world a better place."
Elizabeth Yun​
"Christine is not only a ray of sunshine but knows how to elicit the lighter parts of yourself as well."
Anna Akana​
Actress, Comedian, Filmmaker​
"She strives to connect with others on a deeper level to help find a point of synergy and to find a way to genuinely help one another."
Minji Chang​
Actress, Entrepreneur, Community Activist​
"She is a kind and empathetic soul who cares deeply for those around her. As a client for over a year now, I can say Christine has woken me up to my truths."
Don K.
"She gave me the extra push that I needed to take my new direction seriously."
Jennifer Chan
Associate Marketing Manager at Disney Publishing
"Prior to knowing Christine, I didn’t know what life coaching was. Life coaching with Christine was everything I was looking for all along."
Dennis T.
"No matter what, Christine always listens to understand; not simply to respond."
Wesley Chan
Filmmaker, Writer, Director at Wong Fu Productions​
"She takes time to understand the struggles and helps to find a collaborative solution."
Rommel Andaya​
Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor​
"Christine is loving, caring, and truly empathizes with others."
Andrew Moon

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