#41 – Connecting the Eggie Dots with Jenn Im (imjennim)

March, 2018

There are a lot of things in life that don’t make sense – jobs that we wanted but never got, relationships that we thought would be our forevers but didn’t last, opportunities that we were so sure were right for us but ended up being another disappointment to add to our list. We go through life, dot by dot, attempting to achieve success and happiness – but during the process, we slowly begin to realize that we’ve become someone we don’t know, to try and impress people who don’t matter. This week, the ever-inspiring-superwoman Jenn Im, shares her story as she connects the dots in her life that has led her on this wildly amazing journey. We each reflect upon significant moments from our past and uncover insecurities we didn’t know we were struggling with. As well as find acceptance and release in what we had to overcome in order to be who we are today. We laugh, we cry, and of course we yaaaasss!!

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