Episode 13: #MeToo w/ Minji Chang

May 15, 2019

Heads up:
This week (and next week’s) episode may be a trigger for some people. This is a topic that I’ve wanted to talk about for a long long time now and since it’s a super tough one to tackle, I wanted to just start the conversation and see where we end up.

My beautiful beautiful beautiful sister Minji Chang joins me this week as we share our experiences growing up as girls and now women in this world. We share the things we wish we knew growing up but had to learn the hard way and this includes sex, puberty, body changes, sexual harassment, and many other things.

My hope is that we’re able to open up this very sensitive discussion so that others don’t feel alone. Because you’re not. There are so many of us who have experienced things that we’ll never be the same from again. And that’s ok. Never forget, YOU ARE POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE <3 Huggg

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