Episode 14: #Metoo (Part 2 with Minji Chang)

February 6, 2019‚Äč

Artwork by Ann Shen http://www.ann-shen.com/blog

This week, I continue the discussion with my inspirational friend Minji Chang about things we’ve learned the hard way as women. We touch upon more of our experiences as we’ve gone through the different stages of our lives from children, to teens, to women dating in our 20s and now women in our 30s. Many of those experiences were dangerous and although times we put ourselves consciously in those situations, we just weren’t fully aware of what those consequences would lead up.

My goal and intention for this conversation with Minji is to open up this really difficult and sensitive topic. I realized there are so many of us who feel shame and guilt whenever we talk about sex, abuse, feeling completely uncomfortable in a situation at a bar, club, party…with a close friend. And we blame ourselves for being stupid, careless, and that we should have known better.

But we just didn’t. Which is why we often learn the hard way with real consequences that we don’t share with others. And if there’s a light to shine through these dark experiences, it’s in the sharing and learning from one another. To give other girls, women, people that heads up that we didn’t get as well as providing a safe space for them to be vulnerable and open. This will serve as a vital step in the healing process for all of us. Men and women included <3

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