Episode 3: Drained and Stuck

February 20, 2019

We’ve all experienced feeling completely drained and lost. Most times, we just push right past it and tell ourselves to toughen up and move on. But we never really address the actual issue. What do we really want? How to do find it and how do we sustain that unstoppable motivation to pursue what really matters to us?

This week, we dive into how to actively shift your draining energies to constructive energies so that you use all your energy to serve you and your dreams vs. dragging you down. I share two really simple exercises you can try right now to visualize what you really want within and how to shift your energies to start living it now! These two exercises are the first two exercises that began this transformation process for myself and I found it so powerful that I had to share with you!

Can’t wait for you to try!

*Special thank you to my fabulous editor: Asia Maralag // IG: @bearglary, www.amaralag.wixsite.com/audio