Episode 15: Gaining Self Confidence and Understanding Self Worth

May 30, 2019

As we wrap up season 1, I wanted to chat about the number one topic that my clients bring up in our sessions: gaining self confidence in who we really are and understanding where our self worth lies. This is something everyone struggles with at various points of our lives. So many things in the world make us question and doubt ourselves. We compare and then judge ourselves for not measuring up. We put our energy into trying to prove our self worth to everyone else and even to ourselves through work, relationships, and all kinds of distractions.

Who are we? Deep down? When you start asking these questions, it’s a sign that you’re on a verge of a breakthrough! It’s the opening to where self awareness exists and a deeper connection to your purpose will evolve. I share some of my personal journeys and lessons through this season of my life as a person and life coach. There are key tools that I use in my everyday life that has helped ground myself in who I really am and where my self value is limitless which I’ll share with you in this episode!