Blog: How to Be Happy Now

Nov 11, 2021

It starts with the little things. It’s the daily choice to lean into the joy that already exists in your life. To acknowledge it. Then claim it. Then celebrate it.

We often approach life with if I had ______, then I’ll feel happy. And once we get _____, the happiness that we do feel, fades away so much quicker than what we expected. Especially with all that work it took to get ______.

But we’re missing life in the meantime. Life isn’t made up of just milestone moments. It’s of your daily, everyday life. How you feel. How you make others feel.  Your thoughts. Your energy. Your actions. Those are the very minimal things that sum of your entire life.

Many of us, especially being Asian, are taught to minimize the little steps and small wins. If anything, they’re often used against us in “oh who do you think you are? Look at that person who already far exceeded where you are now.” This whole “keeping us humble” is really just a toxic way of making us feel insignificant and never good enough. It’s too extreme.

So what I’ve learned is, celebrate the small wins. Every small little step matters. It matters even more than the ultimate goal. Because what you’re gaining in the little steps are often the unseen skills that will shape your character. Keeping promises to yourself, developing true inner confidence, endurance, mindfulness, appreciation for things we take for granted, taking chances on yourself, doing things afraid, moving forward, adjusting, readjusting, flexibility, not taking things personally, slowing down, actually enjoying life in the present moment, listening to your body, mind and soul, taking care of yourself, sustainability, commitment, doing things that are so difficult, honoring your values, living in alignment, stepping outside your comfort zone again and again, maturing, developing higher EQ, and allowing yourself to evolve.

I can keep going. I mean I like the sound of my typing on my mechanical keyboard 🙂

And you just became more of you and finding so much love and fulfillment there. Where there was once self hatred and judgement, slowly grows into this beautiful place of self acceptance .. and peace. And it’s through the little things. That’s where abundance comes in. That’s where you’ll find the joy in your life even though nothing on the outside world has changed.

And that’s the thought of today.