Episode 7: How to Start Over w/ Christina Asai

March 20, 2019

This week I’m joined by my fellow phoenix life coach, Christina Asai who shares such a powerful story about how fear had taken over her life as she was navigating through her career as a med student. And I share how my fear of commitment and marriage had completely transformed in my life after life coaching! Update ALERT!

Fear can take such a control over our lives and make us do extraordinary things just to avoid doing what scares us the most. Most times, what scares us the most only exists inside our imagination. How do we take control back from fear, change our mental game, and channel that new power to form abundance in our lives? What are the patterns to look out for, where does fear stem from, and what can we do to shift that ever daunting draining energy of fear to having that energy SERVE US and our purpose!

Part 2 will be released next week!


Christina Asai is a transition coach for individuals who are feeling dissatisfied and stuck in their current career, and want to create more intentional, fulfilling lifestyles. Using her personal experience of overcoming life-altering anxiety, she has helped clients to identify their blindspots and develop the mindset to take action towards their goals.

Reach out to Christina here: www.Christina-Asai.com
Follow her: @christinaasai

*Special thank you to my fabulous editor: Asia Maralag // IG: @bearglary, www.amaralag.wixsite.com/audio