Episode 8: Perfectionism and Fear of Failure (Part 2 with Christina Asai)

March 27, 2019

This is part 2 of my transformative conversation with Christina about FEAR and how to take back your power! This week, we dive into the actual tools and exercises that have helped both of us as life coaches and individuals to breakthrough fear and the hold it had on our lives. If you’ve ever wanted to take the steps to really shift your life in the direction that aligns with your whole being, this is one episode that I truly recommend you listen in on and try on for yourself!

P.S. It’s Jack’s birthday today so I wanted to sneak in a photo of his recent celebration! And to say that once I shifted that fear I had about our future, I truly feel the happiest and most secure I’ve ever been in a relationship. Whew what a beautiful and freeing feeling <3


Christina Asai is a transition coach for individuals who are feeling dissatisfied and stuck in their current career, and want to create more intentional, fulfilling lifestyles. Using her personal experience of overcoming life-altering anxiety, she has helped clients to identify their blindspots and develop the mindset to take action towards their goals.

Reach out to Christina here: www.Christina-Asai.com
Follow her: @christinaasai