#2: Self Love #newrelationshipsgoals​​

February 13, 2019


Happy Valentine’s Day aka LOVE DAY!! What a beautiful time to talk about self love.

What is self love really? Why is it important? And how do you love yourself? I share 4 things you can do while listening to this episode while in your car, at work, or at home, to give yourself the kind of love that truly completes yourself!

YOU ARE LOVED!! ALWAYS REMEMBER you are worthy of love and especially love you give yourself <3

*Special thank you to my fabulous editor: Asia Maralag // IG: @bearglary, www.amaralag.wixsite.com/audio

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  1. Kathleen

    This made my afternoon! I’ve always loved the idea of being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be! Never compare yourself to others because that is the theft of joy! 💕

    1. Christine

      YAAASS!!! Totally <3 Sending you all the love Kathleen

  2. Ashiqin

    Thank you creating this Podcast Christine! It really helped me a lot! It’s really important to self love and I find that I have not done a lot of that yet so I have to find myself again to be able to love again.

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