Episode 6: Your Worst (inner) Critic

February 13, 2019

Ughhh that voice inside your head. He/she can be THE WORST! Our inner critic really knows what to say to get us feeling small and acting even smaller. As a result, fear dictates a lot of our actions or inactions. We often feel really bad about ourselves and the things that are on autoplay inside of our heads can be really mean!

So, how do we address our inner critic to shift it from pushing us down to serving us and building us up? Surprise, your inner critic actually exists to serve you. This week we talk about some ways to shift your lens and really change the way you can push forward towards what really sparks joy within whenever your inner critic starts barking.

*Special thank you to my fabulous editor: Asia Maralag // IG: @bearglary, www.amaralag.wixsite.com/audio