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  • #53 – Toxic Friendships

    August, 2019 You’ve been good friends up until this point. They’ve been there for you…kind of…they’ve got your back…kind of…they’ve…wait..things are starting to not add up. Toxic friendships usually fly under the radar, it creeps up on you, the manipulation increases, and soon you lose sight of what’s true or false. Are we truly friends? […]

  • #41 – Connecting the Eggie Dots with Jenn Im (imjennim)

    March, 2018 There are a lot of things in life that don’t make sense – jobs that we wanted but never got, relationships that we thought would be our forevers but didn’t last, opportunities that we were so sure were right for us but ended up being another disappointment to add to our list. We […]

  • #36 – Why Being Single was the Best Decision I Ever Made

    October, 2017

  • #26 – YOU are Meant to CHANGE the World!!

    August, 2017 Are you feeling deflated and uninspired? Do you feel lost? This week we have our most uplifting episode yet!! We’ve been there (and tbh, are still climbing our way out). We definitely know how it feels to want to make an impact, to want to find your passion, and to make that difference […]