Ughhh that voice inside your head. He/she can be THE WORST! Our inner critic really knows what to say to get us feeling small and acting even smaller. How do we address our inner critic to shift it from pushing us down to serving us and building us up? Surprise, your inner critic actually exists to serve you.

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Episode 6: Your Worst (inner) Critic

Part 1 of my conversation with Lindy (bubzbeauty) about how do you live your best life right now? What does that even mean and what does that life look like? How do you channel that mentality through all the tough times and triggered everyday moments?

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Episode 4: How to Live Your Best Life Right NOW w/ Lindy Tsang (bubzbeauty)

Happy Valentine's Day aka LOVE DAY!! What a beautiful time to talk about self love. What is it really? Why is it important? And how do you love yourself? I share 4 things you can do while listening to this episode while in your car, at work, or at home, to give yourself the kind of love that truly completes yourself!

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Episode 2: Self Love #newrelationshipgoals

HI WELCOME! I have so much to catch you guys up on. So much has happened which includes a huge shift in my life that resulted in a beautiful breakthrough. It has led me to this moment right now of the creation of this new podcast, me becoming a life coach, and starting a patreon page! I share exactly what happened and when everything just clicked.

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Episode 1: This is a Sign to Do THE THING!